Colorful Glaze Ceramic Ashtray: The Perfect Windproof and Portable Solution for Outdoor Smoking

Welcome to our product ​review blog post! Today, we are excited to share our firsthand experience with ​the “Large Size Color Glaze Cigarette Ashtray Windproof and​ Rainproof ‌Outdoor Ceramic ⁣Ashtray Travel⁣ Portable Ash Tray with Metal Lifting⁤ Ring Lid Decorative Ashtray (Blue)”. This unique ashtray boasts a perfect⁣ combination​ of functionality and‌ style, making it an ideal accessory for smokers and non-smokers alike.

The⁤ oblate ‍ashtray design, coupled with its‍ ceramic‍ technology, ‍enhances⁢ its heat resistance while remaining environmentally ⁣friendly ‍and ⁤pollution-free. The wide⁢ inner wall and ⁤large capacity guarantee effective heat dissipation, preventing the accumulation of heat. Moreover,‌ the ashtray comes with⁣ a metal lifting ring lid, making it convenient to use outdoors on the terrace. Its small​ size and​ portability make ‍it an excellent option for travel.

Uniquely sized, this ashtray measures ‌5.7″ x 5.7″ x 3.15″ (14.5‍ x 14.5 x​ 8cm)​ and has a net weight of 1.43lb⁢ (650g), providing a large capacity to ​store numerous cigarette butts.‌ The cigarette cover seals in the smell of smoke, protecting‍ it from wind and rain while preventing the scattering of soot. This feature helps to maintain a clean and tidy environment.

Beyond ⁤its ⁢functionality, this ‍ashtray serves as an⁤ exceptional decorative piece due to its exquisite shape and elegant appearance. Whether ⁤placed in ⁢a ​traditional ‍or modern⁤ setting, it effortlessly complements various furniture styles. ⁢It can ‍also⁤ be ‌a thoughtful gift option⁤ for family and friends.

The high-quality craftsmanship is evident in​ this colorful glazed ashtray. Treated with a special process, the surface coating guarantees a bright and fade-resistant color. Fired at high temperatures, ⁣the ashtray’s texture ‍is ‌hard, wear-resistant, and ​corrosion-resistant.

Overall, our firsthand experience⁢ with‍ the “Large Size Color Glaze ⁤Cigarette Ashtray Windproof and Rainproof Outdoor Ceramic ⁢Ashtray Travel Portable Ash Tray ‍with Metal Lifting Ring Lid Decorative Ashtray (Blue)” has left us ‌impressed. Its perfect performance,⁢ intimate design, and wide range of uses make it a must-have accessory for both practical⁣ and⁤ aesthetic purposes.

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Overview of the Large Size ⁢Color Glaze⁢ Cigarette Ashtray Windproof‌ and Rainproof Outdoor Ceramic Ashtray

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This Large Size Color Glaze Cigarette Ashtray is a‌ must-have for all smokers who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. ⁢With its‍ windproof and rainproof design,​ this ashtray ensures⁤ that you can‌ enjoy a smoke break without worrying ‌about the weather conditions. The ​ceramic material used in ⁤its construction not only ⁣adds to its durability but also makes it⁤ environmentally friendly ⁣and free‌ from pollution.

One of ⁤the standout ​features of this ashtray is its‌ unique size.⁣ Measuring at 5.7″ x 5.7″ ‍x 3.15″, it offers plenty of space to store cigarette butts, making it perfect for gatherings or extended outdoor activities. The large capacity of this ashtray ensures that you won’t have to empty it frequently, allowing for a hassle-free⁣ smoking experience.

The design of this ashtray is⁤ truly​ practical ⁣and user-friendly. Equipped with a metal lifting ring, ‍it ⁤can be easily⁢ transported‌ and‌ used on⁣ your ⁣terrace or any outdoor setting. The lid not only seals ⁣in the smell of smoke but also‌ protects it from wind and ‌rain, preventing any soot from ‌scattering and maintaining a ‍clean and tidy⁣ environment.

Not only ‍does this ashtray boast⁤ functionality, ‌but it ‍also‌ serves as a ⁤decorative ⁤piece. Its exquisite shape and elegant appearance make it a versatile ⁢addition to⁢ any room, complementing both traditional and modern furniture styles. Moreover, it​ serves⁣ as an ideal ‌gift option for your loved ones, allowing them to ​enjoy a stylish​ and practical ashtray.

Crafted with utmost quality, this colorful ⁤glazed ashtray is designed to withstand high⁢ temperatures, ensuring its long-lasting‌ performance.‍ The special‌ coating on its surface keeps its color vibrant and ⁤prevents any ⁤fading. The hard texture ‍of ⁤the ashtray adds to its wear-resistance ⁤and corrosion-resistance, guaranteeing its durability.

In conclusion, the Large Size⁤ Color Glaze Cigarette Ashtray Windproof and Rainproof Outdoor Ceramic Ashtray is a stellar choice for smokers in ⁤search ‌of a reliable and stylish ashtray. Its perfect performance, unique size, intimate design, wide​ range of uses, and high-quality construction make it a worthy investment. Enhance your ⁤smoking experience by clicking here to purchase this outstanding ashtray now!

Highlighting the Features and Aspects of the⁢ Large Size Color Glaze Cigarette Ashtray‌ Windproof and Rainproof Outdoor Ceramic Ashtray

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When it comes to‌ ashtrays, the Large‍ Size Color Glaze Cigarette Ashtray stands out with its exceptional features‍ and aspects. This ashtray‌ boasts a perfect performance, thanks to its oblate ⁣shape and ceramic technology. It exhibits ‍good heat resistance, making it suitable for outdoor use.⁢ Not only that,⁢ but it is also​ environmentally friendly and pollution-free. The wide⁣ inner wall and large‍ capacity prevent heat from ⁣gathering, ⁢ensuring optimal heat ⁢dissipation.

The ⁤unique ‌size of this​ ashtray sets it apart from others in⁤ the market. With ‌dimensions of 5.7″ x ​5.7″ x 3.15″ (14.5 ⁤x 14.5 x 8cm), it provides ample space to store ⁣numerous cigarette butts. The net weight of 1.43 ⁤lb ⁣(650g) ensures sturdiness and durability. Adding to its convenience, it comes with a metal lifting ring that makes it easy ‌to ​carry and handle on outdoor terraces. The lid, equipped with a cigarette cover, effectively seals the smell of smoke inside and protects it from wind and rain, preventing the‍ scattering of soot and maintaining a clean environment.

This‍ ashtray serves a wide range⁢ of⁢ purposes beyond its functionality for smokers. Its exquisite shape and elegant appearance make it⁢ an⁣ ideal decorative ⁤piece that can be placed in any room. Whether you have a traditional ‌or modern interior design, ​this ashtray will ​effortlessly complement any⁣ furniture style. Not only​ is it practical, but it also ‍makes for a thoughtful gift to ⁤family and friends. With a high-quality colorful glazed surface that undergoes⁤ special treatment,​ the⁤ ashtray retains its bright color and durability, ensuring it will never fade. ⁢

To‍ experience the perfect combination of functionality​ and aesthetics, head ⁢over to our website and grab‍ your ⁤own Large Size Color ‍Glaze Cigarette Ashtray Windproof and ​Rainproof Outdoor Ceramic Ashtray.

In-depth Insights and Detailed Recommendations for the Large Size⁤ Color Glaze‌ Cigarette Ashtray Windproof and⁢ Rainproof Outdoor Ceramic Ashtray Travel Portable⁣ Ash ​Tray with Metal ‍Lifting Ring Lid⁢ Decorative Ashtray (Blue)

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In-depth Insights:

  • Perfect Performance: This large size color glaze cigarette ‍ashtray is designed with ceramic technology, ensuring good heat resistance and an ⁤environmentally friendly, pollution-free‍ experience. The wide inner wall and large capacity prevent heat ‌accumulation‌ and improve heat dissipation performance, providing reliable functionality.

  • Unique Size: With dimensions of 5.7” x 5.7” x 3.15” (14.5 x 14.5 x 8cm) and a ​net weight of 1.43 lb (650g), this ashtray ‍boasts⁣ a spacious⁤ design capable of accommodating numerous cigarette butts. Its large​ capacity ​ensures you won’t ⁣need to⁣ frequently empty ‍the ashtray.

  • Intimate Design: Perfect for outdoor use,⁣ this ceramic ashtray⁢ features a metal lifting ring that⁢ makes it easy to carry and transport. The ⁢ashtray’s lid effectively seals⁤ in ⁤the smell of smoke, ⁢protecting it from wind ‍and rain, and preventing the scattering of soot. By ‍keeping the environment⁣ clean ​and​ tidy, this ashtray offers convenience and ⁤practicality.

Detailed Recommendations:

  • Wide Range of Uses: ​In addition to serving‌ as a ⁤functional⁢ ashtray, this product is also a decorative item with an exquisite shape and elegant appearance. Whether you have a traditional furniture style ⁤or a modern fashion style, this ashtray can be seamlessly integrated into your decor. It also makes for ⁢an‍ excellent⁣ choice ⁤when ‌it comes to⁢ gifting family ‌and friends.

  • High Quality:⁣ Crafted from​ high-quality ceramic, this‌ ashtray showcases a ⁢vibrant and durable surface coating that will‍ never fade. The ashtray is fired at high temperatures, resulting in⁤ a hard ‍texture that is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. This ensures the longevity and durability ⁢of ‍the product, ⁢making it a worthwhile investment.

With ‍its perfect performance, unique size, ‌intimate design, wide range of uses, and high quality materials,⁢ this​ Large ​Size Color⁤ Glaze Cigarette ‌Ashtray is a reliable⁢ and ‌stylish ​choice for smokers and non-smokers alike.⁣ Enhance your smoking experience and elevate your decor by purchasing‌ this versatile ashtray. Get yours today on Amazon!

Customer⁢ Reviews ‍Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After‍ analyzing the‌ customer reviews for ​the Large Size Color​ Glaze ⁤Cigarette Ashtray Windproof‌ and Rainproof⁢ Outdoor Ceramic Ashtray Travel⁣ Portable Ash Tray with Metal Lifting Ring Lid⁤ Decorative Ashtray (Blue), we found ⁢a mix of⁤ positive and negative feedback. ⁤Let’s take a closer look ⁤at what customers have to say:

Review Positive Points Negative Points
“Good size and has cover for⁣ wind protection. Looks great.” Ample ‍size, windproof design, aesthetic appeal N/A
“Looks so nice ⁤on coffee⁣ table many compliments on ⁣it” Stylish decoration,‍ received compliments N/A
“I purchased the… Large ‌Size Color Glazed ⁤Cigarette⁣ Ashtray to use ‌for my‌ tobacco pipe. […] It‌ is⁤ easily cleaned and ‌the lid fits ⁤well.” Generous ​size, sturdy ceramic, secure lid N/A
“This ashtray is as promised. It’s ⁢heavy‌ enough ⁣so that it will not blow‍ away ‌and the lid will not blow off of it. It is an attractive pattern and looks like it may hold‌ about 25 cigarette butts.” Sturdy and heavy, attractive design, decent capacity Notches​ not‌ ideal for holding cigarettes, ​lid ⁢may not fully ‍cover notches, potential water leakage
“I purchased ⁤this for a guest who smokes. Although it was​ used ‌outside my ⁣friend‍ appreciated. Very attractive!” Aesthetic appeal,‍ appreciated by smokers N/A
“Good products!⁢ looks good, packaged good!” Good‌ appearance, well-packaged N/A
“This is so cute! And it’s the perfect size. Can hold a lot of ​cigs. Love the⁣ cute design. Arrived in ‍perfect‌ condition.” Adorable design, suitable size,‌ arrived in perfect condition N/A
“This ashtray looks good and achieves much of ⁤what ‍I was looking for. […] ‌However,‍ the metal‍ parts⁣ have rusted/deteriorated in the weather on ⁢my ‍balcony (which is sheltered from rain).” Attractive appearance, meets expectations Metal parts prone to rusting/deterioration

Based on the reviews, customers generally appreciate the size, windproof ⁢design, and aesthetic appeal‌ of the‍ Large Size ⁤Color Glaze Cigarette ⁤Ashtray. It receives compliments when placed on coffee tables and patio tables.​ Users ​find it suitable for holding a​ generous amount of cigarette butts⁢ and for functioning as an ash repository for tobacco‍ pipes. The sturdy ceramic construction and⁢ secure lid are highlighted as positive features.

Although the‍ ashtray is marketed as rainproof, some customers express concerns about water leakage. They note that the lid doesn’t fully cover the notches designed to hold cigarettes, potentially allowing water to enter during rainstorms.⁣ However, this observation requires further verification. It ​is recommended to⁣ cover the ashtray during ‍heavy rain to prevent ⁣water‌ accumulation and subsequent⁣ sludge formation.

Additionally, one customer mentions rusting and deterioration of the ‍metal parts despite sheltered balcony placement,‌ indicating ‍potential durability issues.

In‍ conclusion, the Large Size Color Glaze Cigarette Ashtray is praised for ‍its‌ size, wind⁣ protection, aesthetic appeal, and ⁢functionality. However, customers​ should be aware⁢ of the ‌potential water leakage and ‌consider protecting ⁢the ashtray during heavy rain. It is also advisable ⁤to avoid prolonged exposure to the elements to prevent ​rusting of the metal parts.

Pros ‌& Cons

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– The ​large size of ‍the ashtray allows⁤ for ample space ⁢to store cigarette butts, making it​ convenient for​ heavy smokers or social ‌gatherings.
– The ceramic technology ‌used in the ashtray provides good heat resistance,‍ ensuring it can withstand high temperatures ⁣without damage.
– The lid and metal lifting ring make this ashtray windproof and ⁣rainproof, making it suitable for​ outdoor ⁤use without worrying about ash ‌scattering or rainwater entering.
– ‍The sealing feature of ‌the cigarette cover helps contain the smell of ⁤smoke inside, ​keeping the​ surroundings ⁢odor-free.
– The vibrant and bright color ⁣glaze coating‍ is treated with a special process, ensuring that the color will ‍not fade over time.
– The hard, ⁣wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant texture of the ashtray, due to being fired at high‌ temperature, ensures its longevity.
– Besides its primary function as an ashtray, the ‍decorative shape and⁢ elegant appearance‌ of this product ​make ‍it ⁢suitable for use​ as a decorative item in any room or as a thoughtful gift for family⁤ and​ friends.


  • The ashtray’s large size may not‍ be suitable for those with limited⁢ space‌ or for those who prefer smaller ashtrays for personal use.
  • While the⁣ windproof and rainproof features are beneficial for outdoor ⁤use, they may‌ be less relevant‍ for indoor use, which limits its versatility.
  • The ashtray’s ceramic​ material may‌ be prone to breakage if accidentally dropped or⁣ mishandled.
  • The weight of‍ the ashtray, 1.43 lb (650g), ⁤may make ⁣it less travel-friendly for those looking for a highly​ portable ‌ashtray option.
  • The colorful glaze coating may not⁢ be everyone’s preference, as ‌some individuals may ‍prefer a more neutral or ‍understated design.

Pros Cons
The​ large size allows for ample space to​ store cigarette ​butts. The ashtray’s large size may not be suitable for those with limited ‍space or for those who prefer smaller ‍ashtrays.
The ceramic technology offers good heat resistance. The ashtray’s ceramic ⁣material may be prone to breakage if accidentally dropped ⁢or mishandled.
The windproof and rainproof features​ make⁢ it suitable for outdoor use. The weight of the ashtray may make it ⁣less travel-friendly.
The cigarette cover‍ seals the smell of smoke⁣ and prevents ash scattering. The colorful glaze ⁢coating may not be everyone’s preference.
The ashtray can be used ⁣as a‌ decorative item and makes a thoughtful gift. The windproof and rainproof features are less relevant for indoor use.


Colorful Glaze Ceramic Ashtray: The Perfect Windproof and Portable Solution for Outdoor Smoking插图5
Q: Is the ashtray windproof and rainproof?

A: Yes, the large size color‍ glaze ⁣ceramic⁢ ashtray is designed to be windproof and ⁢rainproof. ⁢It comes ⁣with a metal lifting ring lid that ⁤seals the⁤ ashtray, preventing the⁢ scattering of soot and⁢ protecting ‍it ⁤from wind and rain.

Q: What is the capacity of the ashtray?

A: The ashtray has a ⁢large capacity, allowing you to store many cigarette butts. Its dimensions are 5.7″ x 5.7″ x⁢ 3.15″ (14.5 x 14.5⁢ x 8 cm), and it weighs ⁣1.43 lb (650g).

Q: Is ⁣the ⁣ashtray easy​ to carry?

A: Absolutely!​ This⁢ outdoor ceramic ​ashtray is small in size and lightweight, making it convenient to carry wherever you go. It is a perfect travel companion for smokers.

Q: Can‌ this ashtray be used for decorative purposes?

A: Yes, besides being an ashtray, this product also serves⁢ as a decorative item. With ⁣its⁢ exquisite shape and elegant appearance, it can be placed ⁣in any room, complementing both traditional furniture and modern ⁤fashion styles. It is an ⁣ideal gift for family and⁣ friends.

Q: Does the‍ color of ‌the ashtray fade?

A: The⁤ colorful ⁣glaze⁢ coating on ​the​ ashtray is​ treated⁤ with a special⁤ process to ensure its color ⁤remains bright and will never​ fade. Additionally, the ashtray is fired⁤ at ⁢high temperatures, ​which makes it wear-resistant and⁣ corrosion-resistant.

Q: Does the ashtray ‍have good heat resistance?

A: Yes, the oblate ashtray ‍with lid⁣ is made using ceramic technology, providing excellent heat resistance. The wider ⁣inner​ wall ⁣and large capacity ⁤make it difficult for heat to accumulate, thus‌ enhancing ‍its ⁤heat dissipation⁤ performance. As a result, the ashtray remains cool to the touch while in use.

Q: Is the ashtray​ environmentally friendly?

A: Absolutely! The ashtray is⁣ not only made‍ from ⁣ceramic, an eco-friendly material, but it is also ⁣pollution-free. You can ‌enjoy⁢ smoking outdoors without worrying about damaging ⁤the environment.

We hope these answers have provided you with the information you were looking for ‌regarding our​ large-sized color glaze ceramic ashtray. If you have any further questions, please feel free⁤ to reach out to us. ⁢Happy⁤ smoking! ⁣

Reveal the Extraordinary

Colorful Glaze Ceramic Ashtray: The Perfect Windproof and Portable Solution for Outdoor Smoking插图6
In conclusion, the Large Size Color Glaze Cigarette​ Ashtray is the perfect windproof and portable solution for ⁣outdoor smoking. Its ‍oblate shape with ‍a lid, ceramic technology, and wide inner wall ⁢make it a‌ high-performance ashtray that ‌is both heat-resistant and eco-friendly. With ​its large capacity and unique size, this‌ ashtray can hold numerous cigarette butts, ensuring a⁣ clean ⁢and tidy environment.‌ The ‍metal ‌lifting ring​ allows for easy transportation, and the cigarette cover seals in ⁢the smell of smoke, protecting it from wind‍ and rain. Not only is‌ it ‍functional, but it‍ also serves as a decorative ⁢piece with its exquisite ⁤shape and elegant appearance.‌ Whether you’re looking to ⁣complement⁣ a traditional furniture style⁤ or a modern fashion aesthetic, this ashtray is the perfect addition. ⁣Moreover, it makes an excellent gift for family and friends.

Don’t miss out on experiencing the ⁣convenience and beauty⁤ of the Large Size Color ⁤Glaze Cigarette Ashtray. Click here to get yours ⁣today:​ Purchase Link.

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