Photography Made Easy: KINGJUE 60” Camera Phone Tripod Stand – Perfect for Canon, Nikon DSLRs, and More!

Welcome‍ to our product review blog post, where we’ll⁤ be sharing our firsthand experience with the​ KINGJUE 60” ‌Camera Phone Tripod Stand.‍ This tripod stand is a⁤ versatile and ​compatible accessory for photographers ⁢and⁢ videographers using Canon or Nikon DSLR cameras, as well as ⁤those needing a stable‌ support for their smartphones or tablets. We⁢ were⁢ particularly impressed⁣ with its various​ features, including a universal tablet⁤ phone holder, remote shutter, bubble level, and a convenient carry​ bag. In this ​review, we’ll delve into the‍ lightweight design, sturdy construction, and‌ the overall performance of this tripod stand. So let’s dive in and discover ‌why the KINGJUE ⁣60” Camera Phone Tripod Stand is a game-changer when it comes to capturing ‍stunning photos and videos.

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Overview of the‍ KINGJUE 60” ‍Camera Phone Tripod Stand

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The⁤ KINGJUE 60” Camera Phone Tripod Stand is a high-quality tripod that⁤ offers exceptional stability and convenience ⁤for photographers ‌and videographers. With its universal​ ¼” screw, it is compatible with a wide range of‍ cameras, ring lights, and mini projectors, with a maximum load ⁣capacity of 6.6LB. ⁤It is also compatible with ⁣popular camera models like Nikon d3400, ​d3500, ⁢d5500,⁤ d5600, d750, d3200, d5100, d90⁣ and Canon eos rebel, ensuring ‍that it can meet the needs of different users.

One of the⁢ standout features of this ‌tripod is its wireless remote control, which allows you to capture photos or videos from a distance⁣ of 33ft/10m. There is ‍no need to download any apps as ‍the remote easily connects to your cellphone and⁢ tablet via Bluetooth. ‍This ⁢feature provides added convenience and flexibility, especially for group ‍shots or self-portraits.

Additionally, the KINGJUE 60” Camera Phone‍ Tripod Stand is extremely lightweight, ​weighing only ‌0.59kg. It folds down ​to a ‌compact​ length ⁣of 16.5 inches and can be ‍easily carried​ in a backpack, making⁢ it perfect for on-the-go photographers. Despite its lightweight design, this tripod ​is still remarkably sturdy and stable. Constructed with high-quality aluminum tube and equipped with non-slip⁣ rubber feet, it⁤ offers ⁣reliable performance on various terrains.

In summary, the ⁢KINGJUE 60” Camera ⁣Phone Tripod Stand is ‍an excellent choice for photographers and ​videographers. It provides universal‌ compatibility, lightweight portability, and⁢ exceptional stability. With its wireless remote control ‌and durable construction, it ‍is⁤ a reliable tool for capturing ⁣stunning photos and videos. Don’t miss out on the‍ opportunity to elevate your photography game with this tripod. Check it out on⁢ Amazon and take advantage of⁤ the special ‍offer ⁤today!

Highlighting the Features of ‌the KINGJUE 60” Camera Phone Tripod‍ Stand

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The KINGJUE 60” Camera Phone Tripod Stand ​is a‌ versatile and⁤ reliable piece of equipment that every photographer and videographer should have in ‌their arsenal. ⁢Here are some‌ of⁢ the standout‍ features of this tripod stand:

  1. Universal Compatibility: With ⁢a standard ¼” screw, this tripod stand is compatible ⁤with most cameras, ring ⁣lights, and even mini⁣ projectors.‍ Whether you have ⁤a Nikon d3400 or a ⁣Canon eos rebel, this⁢ tripod stand is ready to support ⁢your equipment. It also comes with a 2-in-1 clip that fits most phones and tablets, ‍ensuring that no matter what device you’re using, this tripod⁣ stand has got you covered.

  2. Wireless Remote Control: ⁢Say ⁤goodbye to running​ back​ and⁣ forth to set a timer or involve someone else to⁣ press⁤ the shutter​ button. This tripod stand comes‌ with a wireless remote control that allows you to take photos or record videos from a distance of⁢ up to 33ft/10m. ⁢It easily connects to⁢ your cellphone ‌or tablet via Bluetooth, ‍making capturing the‌ perfect⁢ shot effortless.

  3. Lightweight and Portable: Weighing only‍ 0.59kg and folding ⁢down to ⁣a compact length⁣ of 16.5 inches, this tripod stand is extremely lightweight and portable. It can easily fit inside almost any backpack, enabling⁤ you‌ to take it with you ​wherever your photography adventures take you. Despite its lightweight‌ design, it delivers exceptional stability, ensuring that you get sharp and steady shots even on⁢ uneven terrain.

  4. Ultra Sturdy⁢ Construction: Made with high-quality aluminum‍ tube and equipped with​ conventional flip lock ​knobs and non-slip rubber⁢ feet, the KINGJUE tripod stand provides unmatched ⁢stability and steadiness. Whether you’re shooting ⁢in the ​great outdoors or in a studio setting, this‌ tripod ⁢stand ensures that your camera or other equipment stays securely in place, allowing you to⁣ capture‍ stunning photos and videos with ease.

In summary, the⁢ KINGJUE 60” Camera Phone⁤ Tripod Stand is a reliable and feature-packed accessory​ for photographers and videographers. Its universal​ compatibility, wireless remote control, lightweight design, and sturdy ⁢construction make it a must-have for anyone who ⁢wants to take their photography to the next level. Don’t ‍miss out on this exceptional tripod stand,⁤ click here to get your hands on ‌it ‍now!

In-depth Insights ⁢into the KINGJUE 60” Camera Phone ⁢Tripod Stand

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The KINGJUE 60” Camera Phone⁣ Tripod Stand is a must-have for any⁤ photography enthusiast or⁣ content creator. With its universal compatibility, this tripod is‌ suitable for various devices such as cameras, ring lights, mini projectors, ‍and more ⁢(with a maximum load capacity‍ of ‍6.6LB). It⁤ is designed to be compatible with popular camera models like Canon ​EOS​ Rebel and Nikon D ⁣series.

One of the standout features of ​this tripod ⁢is ​its versatility. It ‌comes with a‍ 2-in-1 clip that ‍can hold both phones and tablets, making it convenient for capturing photos or videos with‍ different devices. The wireless remote control is ⁣a game-changer, allowing you ‌to take shots or⁤ record videos from a distance of up to 33ft/10m. No need to⁤ download any apps, simply⁢ connect the remote ⁤to your smartphone‌ or tablet‍ via⁤ Bluetooth.

When it ​comes to portability, the KINGJUE ‌tripod excels. It is incredibly lightweight, ​weighing only 0.59kg, and can be folded down to a compact ‍size of 16.5‌ inches. This means you can‌ easily fit it into your backpack ⁣and take it⁢ with you wherever‍ you go.⁣ Despite its lightweight design, this tripod doesn’t compromise on ‌stability.⁤ Constructed with high-quality aluminum​ tube and equipped with non-slip rubber⁤ feet, it⁢ provides steady support on various terrains,‌ ensuring your shots remain sharp ⁢and steady.

The tripod‍ also features a 3-way ⁤pan head with separate knobs ⁣for headlock, pan lock, and tilt lock. This ergonomic design allows for smooth and precise movement when capturing ⁣shots, ‍whether you’re taking stills⁣ or recording videos. The addition of a bubble level is a great enhancement, helping you ensure your ⁤shots are perfectly leveled.

With your purchase, you’ll receive the tripod itself, a phone holder, a wireless remote control, and ⁣a convenient carry bag. ‌KINGJUE provides a 30-day free return policy, a 1-year warranty, and⁤ outstanding customer service to guarantee your satisfaction.

If you’re looking for a⁣ reliable and versatile tripod that offers‌ convenience, stability, and excellent‍ image quality,‌ the ​KINGJUE 60” Camera Phone ‌Tripod Stand⁢ is ⁣an excellent choice. Don’t miss out on this incredible tool for ‍capturing stunning ⁤photos and videos.⁣ Check it out on‌ Amazon: [Call to Action]

Specific⁣ Recommendations ‍for the KINGJUE 60” Camera Phone Tripod Stand

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  1. Excellent Compatibility:
    The KINGJUE 60”‍ Camera ‍Phone Tripod Stand is universally compatible, making⁤ it suitable for a wide range of cameras,⁢ ring lights,⁤ mini projectors, and ⁢more. ​It features a standard ¼” ‍screw that fits most cameras, including popular models like Nikon d3400 d3500 d5500 d5600 d750 d3200 d5100 d90 and Canon eos ⁢rebel. Furthermore, it comes with a 2-in-1 clip that can ​securely hold most smartphones and tablets. This versatility ⁤allows you to ⁣capture⁤ stunning⁣ photos and videos using different devices, ⁢all while‌ enjoying the convenience of a single ⁤tripod.

  2. Stability and Portability:
    One of the standout⁢ features of the ⁣KINGJUE​ tripod is its lightweight‌ design and remarkable stability. ⁣Made from high-quality aluminum tube‌ and equipped with non-slip rubber feet, this tripod offers exceptional steadiness on various ⁢terrains. Despite its⁢ sturdy construction, it weighs only 0.59kg and can be ​easily folded down to ‌a compact length of‍ 16.5 inches. This makes it incredibly​ portable and ideal ⁢for photographers ⁤on ​the go. You can effortlessly carry it in your​ backpack, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to capture a breath-taking shot.

  3. Three-Way Pan ⁢Head and Bubble Level:
    For precise‍ control⁤ and​ smooth movements,‌ the⁣ KINGJUE tripod is equipped ⁣with‍ a three-way ​pan head. With separate knobs for ⁢headlock, pan lock, and tilt lock, you can achieve excellent stability and smooth results, whether you’re ‍taking stills or recording videos. This feature is especially useful for capturing portrait ⁤shots, panoramic landscapes, and more. Additionally, the tripod now⁣ includes a ‍Bubble Level, allowing you to⁢ easily determine if your shot is perfectly level. This ensures that your photos and videos ‍are professional-looking and visually appealing.

To elevate your‌ photography and videography experience, we highly recommend the KINGJUE⁤ 60” Camera Phone Tripod Stand. Its compatibility, stability, and portability⁤ make it an⁤ excellent ⁤choice for photographers and content‌ creators of all levels. Don’t miss out‌ on⁤ the opportunity to‍ elevate⁣ your storytelling through mesmerizing visuals. Get⁢ your KINGJUE tripod today​ by clicking⁢ the link below.

Click‌ here to​ purchase the KINGJUE 60” Camera Phone⁢ Tripod Stand on

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer⁤ Reviews Analysis

After analyzing ⁣the customer reviews ⁤for‌ the KINGJUE 60” Camera Phone⁤ Tripod⁤ Stand, we found that overall,‍ the product has received positive feedback ‍and has ⁤satisfied customers with its ‍features and performance.

Excellent⁢ Compatibility and Ease of Use

Many customers ⁣mentioned that the tripod is compatible with various ⁢camera models, ⁣including Canon and Nikon DSLRs, as well ‍as smartphones ‍and tablets. It easily fits​ their⁤ setups and is straightforward‌ to use.

Great Stability and Balance

Several users were pleasantly surprised by the tripod’s stability ‌and balance, ‌considering its affordable‌ price. It provided them with a steady platform to ‍capture great shots, proving ⁤its effectiveness ⁢in enhancing‍ photography experiences.

Responsive Customer Support

One reviewer‍ experienced‍ a breakage issue after a month of use. However, they were happy ⁤with the company’s customer support, as the company readily⁣ offered a replacement tripod upon‌ contacting them. This⁢ highlights the excellent service provided by the manufacturer.

Suitable for Hobbyists and Enthusiasts

The tripod was regarded ​as a suitable option for hobbyists, beginners, and enthusiasts ‌engaged in photography. It proved to be the right fit for ‍cameras like the Kodak Easyshare Z710 ‍and Samsung Android devices, ⁤with quick pairing capabilities for camera remotes. However, customers⁣ advised against using it with heavy professional ⁤cameras‍ as‍ it may lack the necessary sturdiness ‍and stability.

Good Value for ⁤the ⁣Price

Customers‌ appreciated the affordability of the KINGJUE tripod, considering ⁤its functionality and features. Although it may not be‍ considered a professional-grade tripod, it‍ was‍ deemed as a great value for its price, meeting users’ needs ⁢effectively.

Enhanced ⁤Photography Experience

Multiple reviewers expressed⁣ their satisfaction ⁢with the tripod, mentioning ⁢that it fulfilled⁣ their requirements and ⁢allowed them to‌ achieve the desired ‌adjustments for their⁢ photography needs. The remote⁢ control compatibility with iPhones was particularly praised as it added​ convenience to the overall experience.

Lightweight and‌ Effective

Customers appreciated ‌the ⁢tripod’s lightweight nature, making it convenient‍ to carry around. Despite being lightweight, ⁢it proved ⁣to be useful and‍ capable of securely holding DSLRs.

Improvement Required in Material Quality

A reviewer mentioned that while they liked the tripod’s architecture, they found the material to be flimsy. ‍They⁣ suggested ‌that‍ the product should be more robust to ensure better durability and longevity.


Overall, ‌the KINGJUE 60” ‌Camera Phone Tripod Stand has provided customers​ with⁢ a ⁣reliable and affordable solution for their photography needs. It ‌boasts excellent compatibility, ease of use, stability,⁣ and customer support. Although there were some minor concerns regarding sturdiness and material quality, ‌these factors did not‍ overshadow the tripod’s performance ⁤and value for money. It is highly recommended for hobbyists, amateurs, and⁢ enthusiasts looking ‌for a ​trustworthy⁤ tripod.

Pros & ​Cons

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1. Universal compatibility: ⁢The KINGJUE ​60” Camera Phone Tripod Stand ⁤is compatible with a wide range of cameras, including ⁣Canon and Nikon⁢ DSLRs, as well as other devices such as ring lights and mini projectors.⁣ This versatility⁤ makes it a great choice for photographers and videographers.

  1. Convenient remote‍ shutter: With ‍the included wireless ⁣remote‌ control, you can easily​ take photos or record‌ videos from a distance of up to 33ft/10m. You don’t need‌ to download any special ⁣apps, as the remote connects to your cellphone or tablet via Bluetooth. This feature allows for hassle-free and convenient shooting.

  2. Lightweight ⁤and portable: Weighing only 0.59kg, this tripod is⁢ incredibly lightweight and compact. It folds down to a length of 16.5 inches, making it easy to ⁣fit into‌ almost any⁤ backpack. You can take it with you wherever you go, ensuring that you never miss a photo opportunity.

  3. Sturdy and stable: Despite ⁢its lightweight design, the KINGJUE tripod is ⁤constructed with high-quality aluminum tube and features non-slip rubber feet. This ensures stability and steadiness, even on various ​terrains.‌ You⁤ can trust this tripod to provide the support you need to capture ‌stunning photos⁤ and videos.

  4. Ergonomic 3-way pan head: The tripod’s ergonomic head is equipped with separate ⁢knobs for headlock, pan lock, and tilt lock. This allows for excellent stability and smooth movements during pans and tilts. Whether you’re shooting stills ‍or recording video, including portrait shots‍ or panoramic landscapes, ​this tripod delivers ⁢fantastic results.


  1. Limited load capacity: While the tripod can support a maximum load of 6.6LB, ‍it may not be suitable for heavier professional cameras or equipment. If you regularly use equipment that exceeds ⁣this ⁤weight limit, you⁢ may need to consider a more heavy-duty tripod.

  2. Limited height range: Although the tripod can extend⁣ up ⁤to a maximum height​ of 60⁣ inches, some users might prefer a taller option‌ for certain shooting scenarios. If ⁢you frequently require a higher viewpoint, you⁢ may need to look for a tripod with a greater height range.

  3. Limited bubble level availability: The tripod now includes a bubble level, which⁢ can⁤ be⁣ useful ⁣for⁤ achieving ‌level horizons or ⁤vertical orientations. ‍However, it​ is worth noting that this feature was added from a certain⁤ date (2022.8.4) onward, so⁣ older versions of the tripod may not have this capability.

Overall, the KINGJUE 60” Camera Phone Tripod Stand offers excellent universal‌ compatibility, convenience, portability, stability, and ⁢smooth ⁤movements for photography and videography. However, it may have limitations⁢ in terms of load capacity, height range, and the availability of ⁢the‍ bubble level​ feature ‌for older versions.


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Q&A Section:

Q: ‍Is​ this tripod compatible with all camera brands?
A: Yes, the KINGJUE 60” Camera Phone ⁢Tripod Stand is compatible with most camera brands, including Nikon ⁤DSLRs and Canon EOS Rebel. It has a standard ¼” screw that fits for most cameras, ring lights, and even mini projectors.

Q: Can it hold heavy cameras?
A: Absolutely! ​This tripod has a ⁢maximum load ⁤capacity of 6.6LB, which ‌means‌ it can easily support heavy DSLR cameras without any issues.

Q: Does⁤ it come with a phone holder?
A: Yes, the KINGJUE tripod comes with a 2-in-1⁤ clip, which ⁤can ⁤securely hold most phones and‍ tablets. It’s perfect for capturing photos or‍ videos using ⁤your mobile devices.

Q: ‍How far can​ the wireless remote control ‍operate?
A: The wireless remote control can operate from a distance of up to 33ft/10m. This‍ allows you to take photos or record videos without having to ‍be near⁢ your ⁣camera or phone.

Q: Is the tripod lightweight and portable?
A: Absolutely!⁤ The KINGJUE tripod is extremely lightweight, weighing⁣ only 0.59kg. ‍It ‍folds down easily to a ‍compact length of ​16.5 inches, making it highly portable and convenient to carry ‍in almost any backpack.

Q: Is the tripod stable on ‍different terrains?
A: Yes, this ⁣tripod is⁣ designed to provide ‌ultra stability and steadiness on various terrains.​ It is constructed with high-quality aluminum‌ tube ‌and non-slip rubber feet, ensuring a‌ secure grip on ⁢any surface.

Q: What accessories are⁣ included with⁣ the tripod?
A: ⁢With the KINGJUE‌ tripod, ⁢you will receive 1x Tripod, 1x‍ Phone Holder, 1x wireless​ remote control, and ‍1x Carry Bag. ⁣These accessories enhance your photography experience ⁤and provide convenience during your ‍shoots.

Q: What warranty​ does ‍the‌ tripod​ come with?
A: We⁤ provide a 1-year warranty for the KINGJUE tripod,⁢ along with 30 days of free returns. Our goal is ‍to⁢ ensure 100% customer satisfaction and provide prompt customer service.

Q: Does the tripod have a ‍3-way pan head?
A:⁣ Yes, the KINGJUE tripod ⁢features ⁣a 3-way ‌pan head, equipped with separate knobs for ⁢the headlock, pan lock, and tilt lock. This allows for⁤ smooth ​and ‍precise movements, ⁢whether you’re capturing ⁢stills or recording videos.

Q: What is the added ⁤feature⁢ of the tripod mentioned on 2022.8.4?
A: ⁣Since‍ August⁢ 4th, 2022, the KINGJUE‌ tripod now includes a​ Bubble Level. This added feature helps​ you achieve perfect horizontal alignment, ensuring your photos and videos ​are straight and level.

Embody Excellence

Photography Made Easy: KINGJUE 60” Camera Phone Tripod Stand – Perfect for Canon, Nikon DSLRs, and More!插图7
Thank you for joining ‌us on this journey through the amazing ‍features of the KINGJUE⁣ 60” Camera Phone ⁢Tripod⁤ Stand. We ⁤hope that ‍by now,⁢ you’re just as⁤ excited about this product as⁤ we are!

From its universal compatibility to its lightweight design, the KINGJUE tripod is truly⁤ a game-changer in the world⁣ of photography. Whether‍ you’re ⁤using a⁣ Canon, Nikon DSLR, or even a smartphone or‍ tablet, this tripod has got you covered.

With its 3-way⁣ pan‍ head and ergonomic controls, you’ll have complete control over⁣ your shots, whether you’re capturing ‌stunning landscapes ⁣or striking⁢ portraits. And with the added bonus of the wireless remote control, you can even⁤ take photos or record⁤ videos from ⁤a distance of up to​ 33ft/10m.

Not only is this ⁣tripod incredibly ‌sturdy and stable, thanks to⁣ its high-quality aluminum construction, but it’s ​also extremely portable. It folds ​down to a ⁤compact 16.5 inches and weighs​ only 0.59kg, making it the perfect companion ‍for any photography adventure.

When you purchase the​ KINGJUE tripod, you’ll also receive a phone holder, a wireless remote ‍control, and a convenient carry bag. ⁢And with our 30 days return policy, 1-year warranty,‍ and dedicated customer service, your satisfaction is ⁢our⁤ top priority.

So why wait? Take ​your‌ photography skills to ‌new heights with⁤ the KINGJUE 60” Camera Phone Tripod Stand. ​Click here to get yours today and embark on an incredible⁤ photographic journey: KINGJUE 60” Camera‍ Phone Tripod Stand.

Remember, ‍great photography is just a‍ tripod away!

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