Stay stylish and cozy with the BGSD Women Anna Suede Leather Car Coat: A Perfect Fit for All Sizes!

Welcome to our ​product ⁢review blog‍ post on the BGSD Women ⁤Anna ​Suede Leather Car Coat! We, ⁣at [Blog Name], recently had the opportunity to try out this stylish and versatile jacket. Available in both plus size and petite⁢ options, this car coat is ⁤designed to cater to a wide range of body types.

The BGSD Women Anna Suede Leather Car‍ Coat features ​a button front ​closure and vertical seams that create a sleek shape. The addition of a shirt collar adds a touch of sophistication ⁢to the overall design.⁤ With two exterior hand pockets, this​ jacket offers functionality along with its fashionable appeal.

One of the standout features​ of this car coat is its⁢ emphasis on fit.⁢ The provided size chart offers guidance‍ for ⁤measuring your bust, waist, hips, and sleeve length, ‌ensuring that you can find the perfect size for‍ you. We appreciate the attention to detail in ​providing a comprehensive guide ⁣for measurements.

In terms of‍ length, the BGSD‌ Women⁤ Anna Suede Leather Car Coat is‌ approximately 28.5″ from ⁢the center back, providing a flattering and comfortable fit. Plus, the soft suede leather ⁤material adds a luxurious⁢ touch to the overall aesthetic.

When it comes to practicality,⁤ this car coat certainly delivers. The jacket is equipped⁤ with two hip‍ pockets, allowing you to conveniently store your essentials. Whether you’re running errands‌ or heading ⁣out for a night on the town, this jacket has⁢ got you covered.

Overall, our experience with the BGSD‍ Women Anna Suede Leather Car Coat⁤ has been nothing⁢ short of impressive.⁢ Its stylish⁣ design, inclusive sizing options, and attention ​to fit make it a standout‍ choice for any fashion-forward individual. Stay tuned ​for​ more reviews from us, as we continue to explore and ⁣share our thoughts on various products.

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Stay stylish and cozy with the BGSD Women Anna Suede Leather Car Coat: A Perfect Fit for All Sizes!插图

When it comes to​ finding the perfect⁤ car coat, ⁤we were thrilled to‌ come across the ​BGSD Women Anna Suede Leather Car Coat. This chic and ⁤stylish jacket is not only timeless, but it ‍also ​offers a sleek‌ shape that is sure to turn heads. ⁢With a button front closure and vertical seams, ⁣this suede leather ​jacket exudes a sense of sophistication. The ‍addition of a shirt collar⁢ and two exterior hand pockets adds both comfort and functionality to the design.

One ‌of the standout features of this car coat is its⁣ attention to detail. The BGSD Women Anna Suede Leather Car Coat includes a size chart to ensure​ you find the perfect ⁢fit. Simply measure your bust,⁤ waist, hips, and sleeve ​length to⁢ determine which size will ⁢provide ‍the most comfortable and flattering​ fit for you.‌ With ‍multiple pockets located at⁣ the⁣ hip, you’ll also have plenty of ‍space to store‌ your essentials while‌ on the go.

For those who appreciate the technical specifications, the approximate length of this ⁣car coat is 28.5 inches from the ‍center back.⁤ The item dimensions‌ are 23.58 x​ 11.81 x 2.91 inches, making it a convenient option for travel or everyday wear. The car coat is available in a variety of ⁢sizes, including⁤ plus size and ⁢petite, ensuring that ‌there is‌ an option for everyone. Designed for women, this⁤ jacket is‍ the perfect addition to ⁤any wardrobe.

If you’re ready to add a touch of​ elegance and sophistication to your ‌outerwear collection, ⁢we highly recommend⁤ the BGSD ‌Women Anna Suede Leather Car Coat. With its button front closure, sleek ⁤shape, and functional pockets, this car coat is a must-have for any fashion-forward ​individual. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your style and comfort – click here ⁢to⁤ purchase it​ on Amazon now!

Highlights and Features

Stay stylish and cozy with the BGSD Women Anna Suede Leather Car Coat: A Perfect Fit for All Sizes!插图1

  • Button front ​closure: The BGSD Women Anna Suede Leather Car Coat features a convenient button front closure, adding a touch of elegance to the overall design. This closure style not only keeps you warm but also gives you the⁢ option ⁣to adjust the fit according to your preference.

  • Vertical ‌seams: The vertical seams on this chic suede leather jacket create a ​sleek shape that flatters any body ‍type. These seams add a stylish touch, making ⁤this ⁤coat a fashion-forward choice for any ⁤occasion.

  • Shirt collar: The shirt collar adds⁣ a sophisticated element to this car coat, giving ​it a timeless ​and classic ⁢look. It can​ be worn up or down, allowing you to ⁢switch up your style ‌depending⁣ on⁤ the weather or ⁢your personal preference.

  • Two exterior hand pockets: The two exterior hand pockets ⁤are not only functional but also provide a place to keep your hands warm ​on chilly ​days. They also add a subtle detail to the coat’s ⁤design, making it both practical and stylish.

  • Size Chart: The included size chart makes it ⁢easy to determine the perfect fit for you. With measurements for ⁣bust, waist, ‌hips, and sleeve length, you can ensure that you’re selecting the⁣ right size to flatter your figure.

  • Product Dimensions: Measuring at ‌23.58‌ x 11.81 x 2.91 ‍inches and weighing 2.01 pounds, ⁤this car coat is lightweight and easy ​to wear.​ It’s designed to provide you with maximum comfort and style.

With its button front closure, vertical seams, shirt collar, and​ two exterior hand ‌pockets, the BGSD Women Anna Suede Leather‌ Car Coat combines function and fashion effortlessly. The included size chart ensures that ​you can find the perfect fit​ for you, while the product dimensions highlight its lightweight and comfortable design. If⁤ you’re looking for a chic ‌and versatile coat to ⁣add to your wardrobe, this car coat is an ⁤excellent ‍choice. Experience the style and comfort of the BGSD Women Anna Suede Leather Car Coat by ⁢clicking here!

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

Stay stylish and cozy with the BGSD Women Anna Suede Leather Car Coat: A Perfect Fit for All Sizes!插图2

When it comes to the BGSD Women ​Anna Suede Leather Car Coat, we were impressed ⁣with its button‍ front closure and vertical seams, which give it a chic and ⁢sleek ‌shape. The addition of a shirt collar and ​two exterior hand pockets adds to the overall stylish⁣ look of ⁢the jacket.

One thing that stood out ‍to us was the helpful size chart provided. This made it easy for us to choose the right‍ size by measuring ‌our bust, waist, hips, and sleeve ⁢length. Plus, the inclusion of four ‍different ⁣sizes‌ (regular, plus, petite) ensures that​ every woman can find a perfect fit.

In terms of functionality, the BGSD Women Anna Suede Leather Car Coat doesn’t ⁣disappoint. It features two hip pockets for convenient storage and a closure that can be either a button or zipper (depending‌ on‌ your preference). The approximate length of 28.5″ to 33″ from center⁤ back, depending ‌on the size, allows for comfortable coverage.

Overall, the BGSD Women​ Anna Suede Leather ⁤Car Coat is a stylish‌ and well-designed product that offers ‍a great fit for women of all sizes. Whether you’re⁢ looking for a coat to wear casually or ⁢for special occasions, this jacket provides both fashion⁣ and ⁣functionality. Don’t miss⁤ out on this must-have wardrobe staple! Follow‍ this link to get ⁢your own: Shop Now

Customer Reviews Analysis

Stay stylish and cozy with the BGSD Women Anna Suede Leather Car Coat: A Perfect Fit for All Sizes!插图3

Customer Reviews Analysis

The BGSD Women Anna⁢ Suede Leather Car Coat has received a mix ⁣of positive and negative reviews from⁢ customers. After analyzing the reviews, we have identified several key points that customers have mentioned:

Positive Reviews

Review Rating (out of 5)
Soft and well-made. Looks ⁢expensive. This is ‌a ‍stylish, fully lined, very versatile ⁣coat. Great fit.⁢ I’m six ⁢feet tall and wear ⁤an XL, so I’m constantly worried ​about the sleeve length, but this one is perfect. I get so many compliments ​on it!‍ I‌ even ordered it in the dark brown‌ color, too. 🙂 5
Thank heavens NO ⁢SMELL!! Brandy color is beautiful but a fair bit darker than photo – more a camel – beautiful nonetheless. Quality is very high – suede, garment design, details ‍and finish exceptional. Customer service great too – contacted⁣ seller to ⁢expedite delivery & received the next day! Also bought in leather – keeping both​ & ordering ⁤a wool coat. 5
Great quality. Beautiful leather. Exceeded expectations. It runs a⁢ little big, but that’s good for layering. If you’re short, you⁣ may ⁣want to order a petite or deal with ⁤sleeves that are long. In fairness‌ the vendor notes this. 4
Fits great and ​looks wonderful 5
Easy transaction.⁤ Coat ⁣fits perfectly and is beautifully made and lined. Definitely would buy from here⁢ again. 5
My go-to jacket when hurrying out the house with a pair of jeans and boots… 5
For the ⁢price I thought ‌the⁤ coat⁢ would be heavier but​ on the whole very good 4
Just love the⁢ quality ⁣of this lovely jacket. ‌Unfortunately, I‍ had to pay import duty before it ⁢was⁢ delivered. 5

Negative Reviews

Review Rating (out​ of ‍5)
Am so happy I‌ found it!! Fits well, nicely made, button ‍holes are a little tight and it ​could have nicer buttons ​on such ⁢a pretty coat. And what is that smell? I have aired out, put‍ bounce sheets ‍in pockets, etc. it’s better but⁣ sheesh. update: a few months later: I really want ⁤to wear this coat. BUT it smells, still!!! I have aired it inside, outside and have‍ it hanging. tried a dry cleaner that specializes​ in leather but it will take ‍awhile and cost more than the coat. Should have sent it back, ‍but I was so happy to find a coat just like this and was overly optimistic! Sigh. 3
I liked the styling of this coat. Normally‍ wear a 14-16 – XL was⁣ roomy enough for a sweater. BUT⁢ good god the smell. I hung it out for several weeks,⁣ but‍ still had an odor ‌like⁤ gas or⁢ some other chemical that shouldn’t be on‍ the body. It‍ just would not go ​away. ⁢People offered tricks to alleviate, but you should ​have to risk ruining the suede or practicing chemistry on a new ​product. I just wanted to wear it. I could ‍never wear this⁤ coat near ⁣others.⁣ Too bad. Cute coat. 2
I was so excited to receive this jacket–I’ve been longing for years for a casual suede jacket. ⁤Alas, the size chart misled me to think the jacket would be a ⁢perfect fit. It‌ felt ​soft and comfy, but was too narrow across my hips (which fell well within the ​size listed in the chart). Fortunately, Amazon accepted the‌ jacket for return and credited my account accordingly. Buyer beware. 2
This re-ordered item arrived on Friday (4th Nov) – and I am thrilled to ‍say it fits wonderfully. I love the color and cannot wait to show it off. I was disappointed to find⁢ that the same size (XL) is no longer available in Dark Brown. Will there be any more stock coming in? 4

Overall,‌ the⁤ BGSD Women Anna Suede Leather Car Coat has received positive reviews for its softness, quality, fit, and versatility. Customers appreciate the beautiful suede fabric, stylish design, and the option for plus size ⁤and petite sizes. However, ​some customers have experienced issues with a persistent smell that does​ not go away even after⁢ trying​ various methods to eliminate it. Some ⁤customers have also found the⁤ size chart to be misleading, resulting in a⁤ coat ⁢that doesn’t fit as expected. Import duties and limited ⁤stock availability have ‍been additional concerns ‌mentioned by‌ customers.

Despite these negative reviews, the majority of customers are satisfied with their purchase ​and would recommend the BGSD ‌Women ​Anna Suede Leather ⁣Car Coat. It is important to consider individual preferences and ensure‍ accurate sizing before making a purchase decision.

Pros &‍ Cons


1 Stylish and chic design
2 Suede leather material ⁣adds​ a luxurious feel
3 Available in a range of sizes, including plus size and ⁢petite options
4 Button front‌ closure for easy⁣ wearing and removal
5 Vertical seams create a⁢ sleek and flattering shape
6 Shirt collar adds a sophisticated touch
7 Two exterior hand pockets for added⁣ convenience


1 May‌ not ⁢be warm enough ⁢for extremely cold weather
2 Limited color options available
3 Suede leather requires special care and maintenance
4 Some customers reported issues with sizing‍ accuracy
5 Relatively high price compared to similar products

In conclusion,⁣ the BGSD Women Anna Suede Leather Car Coat offers a stylish and chic option for those looking for a suede leather jacket. Its range of sizes, including plus size and ‌petite ​options, ensures that it can accommodate women of all sizes. The button ‌front closure, vertical seams, and shirt collar contribute to its sleek ​and flattering design. However, it may not provide enough warmth ⁣in extremely cold weather, and⁢ its ‌limited color options and ‌high price point may ⁣be drawbacks for some. Additionally,⁣ proper care​ and maintenance are necessary for the suede leather material.


Q: Is the BGSD​ Women Anna Suede Leather Car Coat available in plus sizes and petite sizes?
A: Yes, the BGSD ​Women Anna Suede Leather Car Coat is available ⁣in both plus sizes and petite sizes. It’s designed⁤ to provide a perfect fit for all sizes, so you can stay stylish and cozy​ no ⁤matter your body⁤ type.

Q: How do I‍ determine ⁤the correct size for me?
A: To determine ⁢the correct‌ size ‍for you, you can⁤ follow ‌our ⁢simple size chart. ‌Measure your bust under the arms, ‍around‍ the fullest part of your chest. Measure your waist around the natural waistline. Measure your hips around the fullest part of your body, usually about 8 inches ​below your natural waistline. Lastly, measure the ‍sleeve‌ length from the center of the neck (back) around the elbow to the wrist bone.⁣ Using these ⁢measurements, you​ can ⁤find the perfect size for you‍ on our size chart.

Q: How many⁢ pockets does‍ this coat have?
A: The ‌BGSD Women Anna ⁢Suede Leather Car Coat comes with two exterior hand pockets. These pockets are conveniently⁤ located at ‍hip⁤ level for⁤ easy‍ access ​and functionality.

Q: How is⁣ the coat closed?
A: The ⁤BGSD Women Anna⁤ Suede Leather Car Coat features a button front closure. This classic button closure adds ​a touch of ‌sophistication to the coat’s sleek ‌shape. It provides a secure and stylish​ way to keep the coat closed and ‍keep you warm.

Q: What is the approximate length‍ of this coat?
A: The length⁢ of the BGSD Women Anna Suede Leather Car Coat varies⁢ slightly depending on the size. However, the approximate length ranges from 28.5 inches to 33 inches from the center back. This length is designed to provide optimal coverage and a flattering silhouette.

Q: Can you provide the product‌ dimensions of this coat?
A: Certainly! The BGSD Women Anna Suede Leather Car Coat has the following product dimensions: 23.58 x 11.81 x 2.91 inches. It weighs approximately​ 2.01 ⁣pounds, making it comfortable and lightweight to wear.

Q: What is the item model‌ number of ⁢this coat?
A: The item model number of the BGSD Women Anna Suede⁢ Leather Car Coat ‌is 423-199824. This model number is ⁣unique‍ to⁢ this specific ‌coat, allowing you‌ to easily identify it.

Q: In which department can I find this coat?
A:⁣ The BGSD Women Anna Suede‍ Leather ‌Car Coat is available in the women’s ⁤department. You ⁤can⁤ find‍ it alongside ⁢other stylish⁢ women’s clothing ​options.

Q: When was this coat first available for purchase?
A: The BGSD Women ‌Anna Suede Leather Car Coat ‍was first available for purchase on November 4, 2016.‍ Since then, it has become a popular choice for⁤ those seeking ⁢both style and comfort in​ their outerwear.

Q: What is the ASIN⁣ of this ​coat?
A: The ASIN (Amazon Standard ​Identification Number) of the BGSD Women Anna Suede Leather Car Coat is B008XBJ80Q. This⁤ unique identifier ‍helps to ⁢easily ‍locate the coat on online platforms, ensuring you find the exact product you desire.

Ignite Your Passion

In conclusion, the BGSD‍ Women Anna​ Suede Leather Car Coat is truly a ⁣perfect fit for all ⁤sizes! With its button front closure and sleek shape, this chic suede leather jacket adds a ‌stylish touch to any ‍outfit. Not only does‍ it provide a ‍cozy and ⁣comfortable feel, but it also‍ features a shirt‌ collar and two exterior hand pockets for added convenience.

Measuring for the perfect fit⁢ is a breeze with⁤ the helpful size chart provided.​ Simply measure your bust, waist, hips, and sleeve length to ensure the ideal fit. With ​options ​available in plus size‌ and petite, this car coat truly‌ caters to women ​of all body types.

The length of the coat varies‌ depending ⁤on the size, ranging from 28.5 inches to 33‍ inches from the center back. This ensures that you can find the length⁣ that flatters your figure⁣ and suits your personal style.

With its high-quality construction⁣ and attention to detail, ​this car coat is built to⁤ last. The product dimensions measure at 23.58 x ​11.81 x 2.91 inches, and it weighs approximately ⁤2.01 pounds.

If⁢ you’re searching for​ a stylish and ⁤cozy ​coat that fits perfectly, look no further than the BGSD Women Anna Suede Leather Car Coat. Don’t miss out on this must-have addition to your wardrobe!

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