The Body Shop British Rose Eau De Toilette Review: A Delightfully Dewy Fragrance

Welcome​ to our review of‌ The Body ​Shop British Rose Eau De⁤ Toilette – a fresh and dewy fragrance that has quickly become ​a staple in our collection. This charming scent captures the essence of‌ hand-picked British roses,‍ leaving you smelling like a summer garden in‍ full bloom. As advocates⁢ for cruelty-free beauty, we’re thrilled ⁤to share that this fragrance is ​vegan and made with quality ingredients that have a positive impact. Join us as ⁢we dive into ‍the⁤ details of this ⁣sparkling rose eau de toilette and discover why it’s⁢ the perfect addition to ‍your daily beauty ‍routine.

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Imagine walking ⁤through ⁣a British rose garden ⁤on a warm summer day – that’s the feeling you get when you spritz on this light and refreshing rose⁢ eau⁢ de⁢ toilette. The essence of hand-picked British roses combined with organic alcohol creates a sparkling scent ⁢that lingers beautifully on the ‍skin. It’s like capturing⁤ the essence of a blooming rose garden​ in a bottle.

This eau⁣ de toilette is the ⁤perfect lighter alternative to heavier perfumes, ideal for those days when you want a subtle, fresh fragrance. With a commitment to quality ingredients and‍ a⁤ positive ‍impact, this product ​is⁢ not only a treat for your senses but⁢ also aligns with ethical values. Experience the beauty of‌ Britain’s favorite flower in a charmingly light and​ floral scent‍ by ⁣adding this⁣ eau de toilette to⁤ your fragrance‍ collection. Embrace⁤ the freshness of roses ⁤with every spritz – a true delight for the senses.

Luxurious Fragrance Experience

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Indulge in a truly with The Body Shop British Rose Eau De Toilette. This charmingly light rose scent ⁤captures the ⁣essence of⁤ hand-picked British roses, leaving ⁤you feeling fresh and floral like a garden in full bloom. The quality⁤ ingredients, including organic alcohol, not only smell amazing but‍ also have ​a positive impact on⁢ the environment.

Experience ⁢the British ‌summer garden wherever you go with this vegan⁣ fragrance that⁤ is perfect ⁤for everyday wear. Whether you’re ​a fan of floral scents or looking for a‍ lighter‌ alternative to your usual perfume, this Eau De Toilette ⁤is sure to become a favorite ‌in your collection. Elevate your fragrance game with The Body Shop‌ British Rose Eau De Toilette and step into⁢ a⁣ world of freshness and ‍elegance. Shop now for ⁢the ‍ultimate luxurious experience.

Natural and Vegan Ingredients

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When it⁤ comes to⁤ the⁢ ingredients in our fragrances, we believe in keeping it natural and kind to ​the planet. With‍ the British Rose Eau De Toilette, you can indulge‌ in the charmingly light scent ‌of hand-picked​ British roses, all made with ⁣organic ‍alcohol. This ‍scent is a breath of fresh air ‍in your fragrance ⁣collection, perfect⁤ for those who appreciate the essence of nature in‍ their beauty routine.

Not only does this fragrance ⁤smell like a British summer ‌garden ⁣in full bloom, but it ⁢also comes with the assurance of quality ingredients that leave a positive impact. Our commitment‌ to using only natural origin ingredients means you can enjoy ​a fresh, floral ​fragrance ⁣guilt-free. Join ​us in our mission for ⁣100% Vegetarian Beauty and Forever Against Animal Testing by adding this ⁢vegan⁤ Eau De Toilette to your collection today. Embrace the beauty of nature ⁢with every spritz by clicking here.

Our Recommendation

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As we dive​ into , we can’t help but be ⁢captivated by the light and fresh scent of this charming rose ⁤eau de toilette. With the essence of hand-picked​ British roses, this fragrance⁢ is sure to⁣ transport you to​ a British⁣ summer garden ​with just one spritz.⁤ The quality ingredients, ⁤including organic alcohol, make this scent not ‌only ​delightful but also impactful.

Experience the beauty of Britain’s favorite flower with​ this vegan and cruelty-free eau de toilette. Let​ the fresh floral notes linger on ‌your skin, leaving⁢ you ⁤feeling refreshed and invigorated. Embrace the positive impact of this sparkling⁤ scent and add it⁤ to your fragrance collection today!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Positive Reviews

Positive Review
1 My ​fave vanilla perfume!! I don’t have access to a mall to get this perfume, so glad it’s available here. Thank you!
2 Subtle, lasting and vegan/cruelty free. Vanilla is fresh ⁤and warm. Love ‍it.
3 I like the scent of vanilla always have⁣ & The products from The Body Shop never⁤ let me down⁤ have ​used for several‍ years all are good quality. This​ spray smells so ‍good to me.

Overall, customers who enjoyed The Body Shop ⁣British Rose Eau De⁣ Toilette praised its ⁢subtle and lasting fragrance, ‌as well as its ⁤vegan and​ cruelty-free formula. ‍Many users found ‌the vanilla scent to be fresh and warm, ⁤perfect for daily wear.

Negative Reviews

Negative Review
1 It had a nice aroma,⁣ I wouldn’t buy again for 3 reasons it smells like lotion, the bottle is unbelievably small and the cap is ‍cheaply made.
2 The original version used to be my favorite. This⁢ one with “Vegan” label‌ isn’t the same⁣ and significantly less long-lasting. Next time I’ll purchase in-store to make sure I’m getting ​the original version.
3 Just to start, it’s completely different⁤ packaging and the perfume ⁤itself is a different color. Genuinely smells like a public restroom or dare I say a porter potty. ⁢Disappointed that returns aren’t ⁢available for this product. I’m a big vanilla scent person and this⁣ was just disappointing.

On the contrary,​ some users were not satisfied with The Body ⁢Shop British ‌Rose Eau ‌De Toilette.⁢ Complaints include a scent resembling lotion, small bottle size, and a ⁤cheaply made cap. Others mentioned a change in formula compared ‍to the original version, leading to disappointment in the fragrance.

Overall, while ⁢some customers found the perfume to be delightful and long-lasting, others‍ were disappointed with the changes in scent and ⁤packaging. We ⁣recommend ⁤trying a​ sample or purchasing in-store to ensure a satisfactory ⁤experience with The Body ⁤Shop British Rose Eau De Toilette.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


1. Light and fresh floral fragrance
2. Made with quality ingredients like hand-picked British roses
3. 100% Vegan and cruelty-free
4. Perfect ⁣for everyday wear
5. Comes⁢ in a generous 3.3 oz‌ size


1. The scent may not last as long as some other‍ Eau de Toilettes
2. Priced on the higher end for‌ a Eau de ⁣Toilette

Overall, The Body Shop British Rose Eau De ⁢Toilette is‌ a lovely, light ⁤fragrance perfect for ​those who ⁤enjoy fresh floral scents. While it may not have the longevity ⁣of some other ⁢fragrances, the quality ingredients and ethical practices of The Body Shop make it a great addition to any perfume ⁢collection.


Q: Is the Body Shop British Rose Eau De Toilette suitable for vegans?

A: ⁣Yes, this ‌fragrance is⁢ vegan-friendly, containing organic alcohol and the essence of hand-picked British roses.

Q: How long does the scent ​last?

A: The Eau De Toilette is ⁣a lighter‌ fragrance,‍ so it may not last as ‌long as an Eau De Parfum. ‌However, it is perfect for a subtle spritz throughout the⁢ day.

Q: Does the Body Shop ⁢British ​Rose Eau‌ De Toilette contain any artificial ingredients?

A: No, this fragrance is made ⁤with quality ingredients, ‍including the extract of British ‍roses, and is free from artificial additives.

Q: Is this product tested on animals?

A: No, The Body Shop is committed to being cruelty-free, and ⁣this ⁢fragrance is never tested on animals.

Q:​ What makes this fragrance unique?

A: The British Rose‌ Eau De⁤ Toilette captures the essence ​of a British summer garden with its fresh, floral scent.‍ It is a delightful and light fragrance that is ⁣sure to become a favorite ‍in⁤ your collection.

Achieve New Heights

As we bid farewell ‌to our review of The‌ Body Shop British​ Rose‍ Eau De⁤ Toilette, we can’t help but revel in the delightfully dewy fragrance that this product ‌exudes. With the essence of hand-picked British roses and organic⁣ alcohol, this sparkling scent is sure to become⁣ a favorite in your collection.

Embrace the light and fresh floral notes of a British summer‍ garden with this charming Eau De Toilette. ​And remember, when you choose The Body Shop, you’re ⁢not ⁣just choosing a beauty brand – you’re choosing a business that stands ⁢for good, with 100% Vegetarian Beauty and a commitment to be Forever‍ Against Animal Testing.

If you’re ready ​to experience⁢ the beauty of British roses in a bottle, click here​ to ‌purchase The Body Shop British Rose Eau‌ De Toilette on Amazon today!

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