Ultimate Review: Moen Bathtub Faucet Cartridge Repair Kit

If you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-use solution for fixing your one handle Posi Temp faucet, then look no further than the 1222 Replacement Cartridge with Puller & Retainer Clip. Our team recently got our ⁤hands ⁢on this tub ⁣and shower repair kit and we were blown away by the quality and convenience it offers.

The installation process was a breeze,⁤ thanks to the included shower cartridge puller tool and detailed instructions. Within minutes, we had‍ the replacement cartridge in place, eliminating any worries of water leakage.⁤ Made of solid brass, durable ​plastic, and ‌rubber, this⁢ replacement cartridge is built to last ‌for years to come.

What impressed us the ⁢most was the strict testing this⁣ 1222‌ rebuild kit underwent, ensuring longer life and steady functionality.⁣ And with an 18-month worry-free​ warranty⁤ and friendly customer ⁣service, we felt fully supported throughout the entire process.

Overall, we highly recommend the 1222‌ Replacement Cartridge with Puller & Retainer Clip for anyone in need of a ⁢dependable solution for their bathtub ⁢shower⁣ valve. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed with this product.

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When it comes to repairing your shower or ⁤bathtub faucet, the 1222 Replacement ⁤Cartridge with Puller ‌& Retainer Clip is⁤ a must-have tool. ‌With easy installation thanks to the included shower cartridge puller tool and clear instructions, ‌you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently replace your⁤ old cartridge, saving you time and preventing water leakage. ⁣Made‌ of durable​ materials like solid brass, plastic,‌ and rubber, this replacement cartridge is built to last for⁢ years to⁤ come.

Not only is the 1222‍ Replacement Cartridge strictly tested to meet US Industry Standards, but it also‌ comes with a 18-month​ worry-free warranty and friendly ‌customer⁢ service. The repair kit includes the ⁣positemp cartridge, cartridge puller, and retaining⁣ clip,⁢ ensuring that you have ⁢everything you need‍ for a successful repair. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions – we’re here to help! Upgrade your shower ⁣or bathtub valve today with the 1222 Replacement ⁢Cartridge.

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Product Features and Highlights

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Our are designed to make your life easier when it ‍comes to repairing your tub and ‌shower ⁢faucet. The 1222 Replacement Cartridge comes with a puller and retainer ⁣clip, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free installation process. ⁣The included paper instructions make it a breeze to replace the ⁣cartridge, saving ​you time and frustration.

Crafted from‌ solid brass, durable plastic, and rubber ⁢materials, this replacement‌ cartridge is built to last⁢ for ​years to⁢ come.⁤ It has been strictly tested to meet US industry standards, providing you with peace of ⁣mind knowing that you are getting⁢ a reliable⁢ and long-lasting product. Additionally, ⁢our 1222 repair kit includes ​a positemp⁢ cartridge, a ‌cartridge puller, and a retaining clip, making it a comprehensive solution for​ your ‍one handle posi temp tub/shower faucet valve needs.Upgrade your tub and shower repair kit with our 1222 Replacement Cartridge today.‍ Say goodbye ⁤to water leakage⁤ and hello to a steady and functional shower experience. With our 18-month worry-free ​warranty and friendly⁤ customer service,‌ you can​ trust that⁤ we have your back every step​ of the way. Contact us with any questions, and we will respond within 24 hours. Get your hands on this reliable⁤ and easy-to-install cartridge replacement kit now!

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

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Our for the ⁢1222 Replacement Cartridge Kit are based‌ on our hands-on experience with ⁣this product. The easy installation process, aided by the shower cartridge puller tool and ⁤included instructions,‍ made‌ replacing the cartridge a breeze. This not ​only saved us time but also prevented any water leakage issues. The build quality of the replacement cartridge is ​top-notch, with solid ​brass, ⁢durable plastic, and‍ rubber components ensuring long-lasting performance.

The strict testing conducted according to US industry standards gives ⁤us confidence in the ⁤reliability⁢ of this kit. The ‍inclusion of the ‍shower cartridge ⁣puller and retaining​ clip adds value to the overall package, making maintenance and‌ repair tasks simple and efficient. Plus, the 18-month worry-free warranty ⁤and‌ responsive customer⁢ service provided by the manufacturer offer peace of mind. If ⁤you’re looking ⁤for a ​reliable solution for your one-handle Posi Temp⁢ faucet, we highly⁢ recommend considering the 1222 Replacement Cartridge Kit ‍for a hassle-free experience. Visit‌ the product page on Amazon​ to learn more and⁢ make⁣ a purchase today. Check it out here!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the various customer reviews for the 1222 Replacement Cartridge with Puller & Retainer Clip,⁢ Tub and Shower Repair Kit, we found a mix of positive and negative⁢ feedback.

Positive Reviews:

Review Rating
The product worked great including the puller tool. The valve went in real easy‌ and have not had a single drip since installing the new valve. 5 stars
The replacement part I got had the tool and also information on how to change it. The leakage stopped and installation was easier‌ than ⁣expected. 4 stars
The tool was great for​ removing the old valve⁢ and the replacement cartridge went in flawlessly with no ​more leaks. 5 stars

Negative Reviews:

Review Rating
The kit came without lubricant and the job‍ was difficult without ⁢the correct Allen wrench included. 3 stars
The replacement⁢ cartridge leaked ‌badly and⁢ was‍ of poor quality compared to the⁢ original. 2 stars
The new valve installed easily but was cheaply built with a ⁣plastic⁣ inner part instead of brass. 3 stars

Overall, ‌the reviews indicate that the product is‌ effective for repairing leaking⁤ bathtub faucets, with the puller tool being a valuable asset. ‍Be sure to watch instructional videos and have necessary lubricants and tools on hand for‌ a successful installation process.

Pros ⁣& Cons

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Pros‌ & Cons


1. Easy Installation Installation of the 1222 cartridge replacement is made easy with ⁢the⁢ shower cartridge puller tool ‌and paper instructions provided.
2. Built to Last Made of ‍solid brass, durable plastic, and rubber, the replacement cartridge is ‌designed to last for years to come.
3. Strictly Tested Meets‍ US Industry Standard testing to ensure‍ longer life and steady functionality.
4. Intimate Service Comes⁢ with an 18-month worry-free warranty and friendly customer⁢ service for any questions or concerns.


1. Limited Compatibility Only fits 1222 one handle posi ‌temp tub/shower⁣ faucets valve, ⁣so ⁤make‍ sure it is compatible with your specific model before ⁢purchasing.
2. Price At a ⁢higher price point, some may find this replacement ​cartridge kit to be a bit costly​ compared to other options available.


Q: Is the Moen ⁣1222 Replacement‌ Cartridge ⁤easy‌ to‍ install?
A: Yes, the Moen 1222 ‍Replacement Cartridge comes with a shower cartridge puller tool and paper instructions, making installation‌ quick and easy. This helps shorten ‍the installation time and prevents ⁢water leakage.

Q: How durable is the Moen 1222 Replacement Cartridge?
A:⁣ The Moen ⁣1222 Replacement​ Cartridge is built to last, as it is made of‍ solid brass, durable plastic, and rubber. This​ ensures that ‌it ⁤can withstand years of use without issues.

Q: Has the Moen 1222 Replacement Cartridge been tested?
A: Yes, the Moen 1222 Replacement Cartridge has been strictly tested‍ according to US Industry Standard. This ensures longer life and steady ​functionality for the cartridge.

Q: What ‌does the Moen 1222 Replacement Cartridge Kit include?
A: The Moen 1222 Replacement‍ Cartridge Kit includes the positemp cartridge, 104421 cartridge ⁢puller, and retaining ⁣clip. It is designed to fit 1222 one handle posi temp tub/shower faucets valve.

Q: ‍What kind of warranty ⁣and customer service does ​the Moen 1222 Replacement Cartridge come with?
A: ‌We provide an 18-month worry-free warranty and friendly customer service for the ⁤Moen 1222 Replacement Cartridge. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out ‌to us, and we will respond within 24 hours.

Seize the⁢ Opportunity

In conclusion,​ the Moen Bathtub Faucet Cartridge Repair Kit is a reliable and⁤ durable solution for‍ your shower valve repair needs. With easy⁢ installation, long-lasting⁤ materials, strict testing, and‍ excellent customer service,‌ this 1222 Replacement Cartridge Kit is sure ⁢to impress. ‍Say goodbye ​to water ⁢leakage and hello to a smoothly⁢ functioning shower with this repair kit.

If you’re ready to upgrade your shower experience, ‍click here to purchase the Moen Bathtub Faucet ⁤Cartridge ⁣Repair Kit now: Get your ‍kit today!

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