Upgrade Your Tub Drain with Artiwell Tub Faucet Stopper Replacement Kit

Are you tired of dealing with ‍a worn-out or malfunctioning tub trip-lever that​ just won’t open or close your bathtub drain properly? Look no⁢ further than the Artiwell Tub ⁣Drain Linkage Assembly with Trip Lever and Strainer Done‍ Cove. This versatile ​and ‌durable kit is designed to⁢ replace and repair‍ most trip-lever drain assemblies, featuring adjustable components to fit⁣ most ⁢tub‍ drains. Made⁣ of sturdy ​brass, this assembly ensures reliability⁤ and longevity for your bathtub. With easy installation and ⁣a full set⁢ of repair ‍assemblies provided, including a yoke, nut, plunger assembly, and more, this Artiwell product is a ⁢one-stop ‍solution for your tub⁢ drain troubles. Plus, with the option to extend the linkage assembly ‍to fit higher trip lever bath‍ tub drains, this kit‍ truly caters to all ⁣your needs.⁢ Say goodbye to⁢ your tub drainage ⁢woes ‍with the Artiwell Tub Drain Linkage Assembly – your tub will ‍thank you!

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The Tub ⁣Drain Linkage Assembly with Trip Lever and Strainer Done Cover by Artiwell is ⁤a versatile and⁤ reliable solution for ⁣replacing worn-out ‍or⁢ malfunctioning tub trip-lever assemblies. Crafted from durable⁢ brass,‍ this linkage ⁤assembly⁢ provides longevity and ⁣strength for ⁣everyday use.

This repair ⁢kit includes a yoke,‌ a nut, and⁣ a plunger assembly, offering‌ a ‌full​ set of components to ensure a seamless replacement process. With adjustable ​height options to fit both ⁤standard and⁣ higher trip lever bath tub⁤ drains, ⁢this assembly is a ​convenient ‌and cost-effective solution for repairing your bathtub drain system. Upgrade your bathroom with‍ the Artiwell Tub Drain Linkage⁣ Assembly ⁤today!

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Key‍ Features and Benefits

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The Tub Drain Linkage‌ Assembly ‍by Artiwell is ‌a must-have replacement⁤ for worn-out or malfunctioning trip-lever drain assemblies. ⁣Made from‌ durable ​brass construction, this ⁣linkage assembly is designed to ensure reliability and longevity. With​ an adjustable diameter of ⁣1-5/16″, it ⁣fits most tub drains, making it a versatile solution for your ​bath tub maintenance needs. ⁣

This ​comprehensive⁢ repair kit includes a yoke, nut, plunger assembly, chrome trip lever face⁤ plate, strainer dome cover, and matching screws. Whether you have a standard 14″-16″ trip lever bath tub ⁢drain or a taller 22″-24″ ‌one, this assembly has‌ you ‌covered. With the ability to adjust ⁢the height from 13-1/4″ to 15-1/4″, and the option‌ to add an 8″ extension rod for even taller drains, this linkage assembly ⁤provides a one-stop solution for all your trip-lever drain repair needs. Upgrade your bath tub functionality with this easy-to-install and high-quality assembly today! Check ⁤it​ out on Amazon.

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

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For those looking to replace a worn-out or malfunctioning tub trip-lever, the Artiwell Tub Drain Linkage Assembly is⁣ a ‍reliable solution. The‌ kit includes all ​necessary ⁣components for ‌a full‍ repair, including⁢ a yoke, nut, plunger assembly, chrome trip lever ⁤face plate with matching screws, and a strainer ⁤dome cover with matching ⁤screws. The ‍adjustable design ‍fits most standard tub drains, with the ⁤ability to extend for taller trip lever bath tubs.

Constructed from durable brass, this linkage assembly⁣ is built to withstand daily use and provide long-term reliability. The diameter of 1-5/16″ is specifically crafted to seamlessly repair trip-lever drain ‌assemblies. Whether you have‌ a⁤ standard height trip lever drain or⁣ a taller one‍ requiring an extension ⁣rod, the ‌Artiwell Tub Drain⁣ Linkage Assembly ⁣offers​ a ​convenient and cost-effective solution. Consider giving your‍ tub a⁤ much-needed ‌upgrade with this versatile ‍and durable kit. Hurry⁣ and grab yours now⁤ on‌ Amazon!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After ​analyzing the customer reviews for the⁣ Artiwell Tub​ Drain Linkage ⁢Assembly,‍ we found that the majority of users had⁤ a positive experience with this ⁣product.

Review Key Points
Review 1 Easy‌ to install, fits existing ⁢linkage⁤ perfectly
Review 2 Straightforward installation, smooth trip‍ lever⁤ function, minor fit adjustment required
Review 3 Good price, some difficulty with ⁣adjustment but works great
Review 4 High ⁤quality‍ replacement part for ​an older bathtub
Review ‍5 Macgyvered parts to make it ⁣work, ‍exact replacement
Review​ 6 Perfect ⁤fit ⁢on ​an older plastic tub, chrome finish looks great
Review 7 Quality part, easy installation

Overall, the Artiwell Tub Drain Linkage Assembly is a⁢ budget-friendly and​ efficient solution for tub drainage needs, offering high quality and easy installation for most⁤ users. While some minor‍ adjustments may‌ be necessary for proper⁣ fit, the ⁣performance and functionality of this product⁣ have exceeded the expectations of many customers.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. Easy to‌ install and replace
2. ‌Durable brass construction for longevity
3. Adjustable to fit ​most tub drains
4. Includes full repair ⁣assemblies ​for trip lever waste⁢ and overflow drain
5. Can⁢ fit both standard and higher trip lever bath tub drains


1.​ Limited compatibility with ⁢non-trip lever drains
2. May require additional tools ⁢for installation


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Q: ‌How easy is it‌ to install the Artiwell Tub Drain ⁣Linkage Assembly?
A: Installing the Artiwell Tub⁣ Drain Linkage Assembly is simple ⁣and straightforward. The⁤ kit comes with​ everything you​ need for ⁤a ‌full repair, including detailed instructions to guide you through ‍the installation process.

Q: Will this assembly fit my tub⁢ drain?
A: The Artiwell Tub Drain Linkage Assembly is ‍designed to fit most standard trip lever ‌bath tub drains. It⁤ is adjustable to accommodate heights ranging from 13-1/4” to 15-1/4” inches, making it a ​versatile option for many different types of ⁣tubs.

Q: Is the brass construction durable?
A: Yes, the brass⁢ construction of the⁣ Artiwell‍ Tub Drain Linkage Assembly provides strength and durability, ensuring that it will withstand the rigors of everyday use. You ⁤can trust​ that this linkage assembly‌ will last for years to come.

Q: Can I‌ save time and money⁣ by purchasing this kit?
A: Absolutely! The‌ Artiwell Tub Drain Linkage Assembly kit‍ includes everything you ⁢need for ‌a full ‌repair, including the linkage assembly, chrome ‍trip‌ lever faceplate, strainer dome cover, and matching screws. By purchasing⁣ this kit, you can save time and‍ money compared⁢ to buying each component individually.

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Thank you ‌for taking the time to read ⁤our review of the ⁢Artiwell Tub Drain⁣ Linkage Assembly with ⁢Trip Lever and ⁢Strainer Dome Cover. We believe that this product‍ is a⁢ top-notch choice for those looking‌ to upgrade their tub drain⁤ and improve the functionality⁣ of their ‍bathroom.‌ With⁣ its durable brass‌ construction and adjustable design, this linkage assembly is​ sure to provide reliability and longevity.

Don’t wait any longer to replace your worn-out trip lever‌ with this high-quality Artiwell Tub Drain Linkage Assembly. Click here to purchase your very⁢ own kit and experience the difference‌ it​ can‌ make in your daily routine: Buy Now!

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